Thank you for considering me for ministry.

I have been serving our Lord in music since I was five years old! I play guitar, sing and also use some sound trax. I also preach and teach. My favorite sermon God has given me is found in 1st Samuel chapter 30. David's return to Ziklag to find his people taken by the Amalakites. A story of Davids discouragement and dependence upon God and ultimately Gods great blessing. I like to tie this Old Testament story to the New Testament by illustrating that satan has taken Gods people captive and Jesus will soon be returning to recover His bride.

I also offer a ministry called "The Job Project". I arrive at your church or meeting place early and set up my equipment. I leave and find a convenient place to sit, maybe a corner of the church parking lot, or across the street, or maybe at the corner gas station where your congregation stops for coffee before Sunday school. I would be dressed simply but not too obvious and holding a sign "upright and blameless" (Job chpt2). The idea is, would normal, Jesus loving, church going people recognize a fellow man of God even if he doesn't fit the "profile"?

Job's friends didn't recognize him as the man God did. Blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. A man who maintains his integrity even in the toughest of times (Job 2:3). Several years ago God gave me a commission "Beautify the bride". I believe the return of our Saviour is eminent at any moment yet in many circles we are still arguing over things like "is it the Body or just bread?" or the length of hair or type of shoes appropriate for our sanctuary.

I minister in drug and alcohol rehab centers, homeless shelters, battered women's shelters etc... I am telling these people its o.k. to come to church. There are many people all around us every day who love Jesus and long to worship Him but they don't always feel welcome at our houses of worship.

Want to see if your congregation passes "The Job Project"? I would also be happy to come and encourage your people in the Word of the Lord in song and just share my testimony. I have thirteen original songs (11 on enclosed c.d.) I also play contemporary Christian music and yes, I still love playing hymns.

I do not require a fee however offerings are accepted and appreciated and go to help further The Job Project ministry

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